Blue Star Blade vs Instant Knockout CUT

The 2021 Fight of the Fat Burners

Fight night’s back for 2021 and this time Blue Star Blade takes on the reigning champion Instant Knockout in a battle to determine which one is better for shifting your stubborn fat. With both reputable fat burners, and each from well-respected brands and with a loyal fan base, it looks like this fight will be a close fight!

It’s time to drop them in the ring and find out who will be victorious for 2021 and who’ll need to be saved by the bell…

About Fat Burners


When it comes to staying in shape and keeping buff, there are lots of things you can do to keep excess fat at bay. Eating healthily and ramping up your exercise are the go-to classics. But for those of us who’d like a bit of extra help, fat burner supplements have become a staple addition to many people’s day-to-day lifestyle.

Scientifically formulated, fat burners combine ingredients included for their affiliation with weight loss in various ways. Some components are used for their fat burning properties, some help suppress your appetite and some are there to give you that energy boost so, if you have reduced your calorie intake in a bid to lose weight, you’ll still have the energy to stay active and keep on top of your day-to-day routine.

There are a lot on the market so we’ve picked two of the most popular in the game to go head-to-head, as we strip back all their promo spiel and delve into what makes these fat burners good, based on ingredients, value for money and their overall brand credibility.

In the end, only one will be crowned the ultimate fat burner champion so, what are we waiting for?

Ring the Bell!


Who makes it?

Like Blue Star, the creators of Instant Knockout CUT – Roar Ambition – have an equally impressive research and development team; including scientists, nutritional experts and manufacturers from around the globe to create a very premium selection of products, all cGMP approved and containing 100% natural ingredients. The choice is limited compared to Blue Star, with only a small collection of supplements to choose from however less choice doesn’t necessarily mean worse. Because they have a smaller product range, it gives them more time and resources to improve, develop and perfect their products which certainly gives them an edge.

Blade fat burner comes from the highly respected company Blue Star, responsible for creating everything from meal replacement shakes to supplement pills and even clothing. With 15 years in the industry, they are proud of their award-winning supplements – which are all, of course, 100% cGMP certified – and created by extensive research and development teams, made up of everyone from doctors to nutritionists and athletes. Their broad product range means you can pick up joint pain support, brain enhancers AND a 100% ringspun cotton t-shirt all from the same site which, for some, is a big plus!

The rundown: It’s difficult to find fault with either of these companies. The passion they both have for their products comes through in their rigorous research and development programs they apply to the making of every product. Yes, Blue Star does offer a bigger range of products however, Roar Ambition’s small collection means they can spend more time on the products themselves to perfect them. For this reason, we think they’re equally good at what they do, it just depends on what you’re looking for as a customer.

Judges verdict:

It’s a draw


Serving sizes & portions

It’s always good to know your serving sizes and portions when it comes to supplements – especially fat burners. Whilst on paper, the selection of ingredients may themselves have evidenced weight losing properties, if the portion size is not enough, you won’t see the effects. In the same token, if you’re getting too much of something, it could have adverse effects on your body.

These two fat burners boast about having impressive ingredients dedicated to burning your fat but, is it enough?

In terms of serving sizes and portions, Instant Knockout is identical to Blade, with 120 capsules per bottle making up a 30-day supply based on 4 servings a day. As there are quite a few more ingredients that make up Instant Knockout compared to Blade, they have gone for a more balanced approach in terms of dosage, to ensure each element complements the other, without one resounding ‘voice’ taking over. Despite the lower amounts in certain elements than Blue Star’s Blade, taking 4 servings a day is still likely to have an impact and the added ingredients create a more rounded result when it comes to losing weight.

In one bottle, you get a 30-day supply made up of 120 capsules which equates to 4 servings a day. In terms of dosage, this fat burner has ramped it up on a concentrated few ingredients to a tremendous degree, which seems good on paper but could actually overshadow and effectively hinder all the other elements of the supplement that were initially brought in to give a holistic approach to weight loss.

The rundownAlthough the servings are the same, Blade’s concentrated larger amounts seem to give it the edge on paper. But once you consider the overall effect of the fat burner, the chances are the high doses of certain ingredients could overpower the rest of the supplement as a whole so you’d only really benefit from those and not all the ingredients in the mix. In this way, Instant Knockout wins as it still has an impressive amounts but it has kept the dosage mostly balanced to make sure all ingredients are working together to help you lose weight.

Judges verdict:

Instant Knockout CUT WINNER



A successful fat burner will contain a combination of ingredients that all contribute towards weight loss. Whilst it’s all very well having a fat burner packed with ingredients holding thermogenic properties and there to solely burn your fat, it’s key to include elements that will really optimize your chances of losing weight, like controlling your urge to snack or giving you an energy boost to keep you going on a low calorie diet.

CBlue Star Blade

Many of Blade core ingredients are similar to Instant Knockout, for instance caffeine anhydrous and green tea extract – both heavily linked to weight loss for their thermogenic properties, ability to boost your metabolism, increase exercise performance and essentially burn fat.

Both supplements also use pepper extracts, proven – like green tea and caffeine – to increase thermogenesis in your body and encourage fat burning, whilst suppressing hunger.

Blade also features Acetyl-L-Carnitine which is a big component in the mix due to its ability to transport fatty acids to mitochondria to be burned so is thought to be a key player in weight loss however, studies are mixed with many reporting no weight loss at all [6].

All in all, the majority of ingredients in Blade promote targeted fat burning, amongst a few other helpful weight loss elements like suppressing hunger and boosting energy, however it comes across as a little one dimensional and maybe could do with addressing all aspects of weight loss at a higher level.

Instant Knockout CUT

Whilst Instant Knockout CUT does use fat burners like green tea, caffeine and cayenne pepper, there seems to be a more varied selection of ingredients and a more balanced dosage than Blade, meaning it could be more effective weight loss aid.

Instant Knockout CUT seems to have taken quite a holistic approach when considering the ingredients, with the addition of vitamins B12 and 6 which are both linked to significantly improving your mood and cognitive performance. Vitamin D3 works to block the formation of fat cells and suppress lipid storage helping you store less fat in your body.  Alongside, the vitamin is linked with boosting serotonin levels, warding off low mood and motivating you to stay on track. With Instant Knockout, there seems to be more attention spent on helping your general wellbeing, which could, in theory, have a great impact on your ability to lose weight as you’ll feel happier and hopefully more inclined to be active.

The other major difference is a big one – the addition of glucomannan. The ‘Muhammed Ali’ of the soluble fiber world, it can absorb water and turn it into gel in your stomach, giving you the ultimate feeling of satiety that’ll knock out snacking once and for all. Whilst Blade does have appetite suppressant elements, it would be difficult to beat glucomannan – especially at such a high dosage.

The rundownYes, Blade does have high dosages of quality fat burning ingredients, however the overall balance of other elements essential to optimizing weight loss is lacking. Instant Knockout CUT not only fights the fat by burning it off, it has the potential to make you feel happier in general, give you energy, look after your immune system and take control of your appetite…

It seems the combo has beaten the hay maker this round…

Judges verdict:

Instant Knockout CUT WINS!


Safety, side effects

As with any supplement, it’s always best to double check with your physician if you have any queries about taking it or are sensitive to any of the ingredients.


Due to the high dosage of natural stimulants in Blade from the green tea extract and caffeine anhydrous it’s definitely worth consulting your doctor before consuming if you have any kind of sensitivity to caffeine. Too much caffeine can cause anxiety and increase your blood pressure so as with any supplement, don’t overdo it. It can also have an effect on your sleep, so it goes without saying that you should avoid taking it too close to bedtime.

Instant Knockout CUT

In Instant Knockout CUT, the dosage of natural stimulants is not as high as Blade, plus elements like L-theanine work brilliantly in combination with caffeine to smooth out any jitters and block energy crashes. This means you’ll have a sustained energy lift all day long. The addition of certain vitamins and minerals could actually have some good side effects too, like elevating your mood overall, reducing your blood pressure and even alleviating depression.

The rundownOnce again, the ingredients have given Instant Knockout the edge. Yes, natural stimulants are a great way of injecting some energy into your body when you’re reducing calories, however Instant Knockout, whilst still having a considerable portion, has substantially less than Blade. The assumption that more dosage is always better is not always the case – especially when it comes to stimulants such as caffeine which could have adverse effects if taken in too high a dose.

Judges verdict:

Instant Knockout CUT WINS!



Instant Knockout CUT



Blue Star Blade



Blue Star Blade

For a 30-day supply, you get 120 capsules which is usually $69.99 per bottle from the Blue Star website. Blue Star do, however, like a good deal so you can often grab a bottle with a percentage slashed if you’re there at the right time.

Instant Knockout CUT

For the same amount of capsules as Blade – 120, equivalent of a 30-day supply, you can pick up a bottle of Instant Knockout for only $59. Plus, there’s a whole selection of package deals you can choose from where you can get major discounts for buying in bulk.

The rundown: This one is a no-brainer really. Not only is a one-month supply of Instant Knockout cheaper than Blue Star Blade, you can save even more money by buying in bulk so you can stock up and shred not only your fat but the amount you’re shelling out too!

Judges verdict:

Instant Knockout CUT WINS!

The scorecard

Post fight rundown


Blue Star Blade

A worthy contestant but unfortunately Blue Star Blade just didn’t quite cut it in the face of Instant Knockout. It is made by a premium brand who have a lot of experience creating and developing effective supplements so you can trust it as a credible product with the potential to be a successful fat burner.

Just, maybe, not on the same level as Instant Knockout CUT.


Instant Knockout CUT

When you break down Instant Knockout CUT to its core, it’s really no wonder this fat burner has got such a loyal following and positive reviews endorsing it. Packed with all-natural ingredients, it aims to take on every barrier stopping you losing weight. Yes, it contains fat burning components. But it’s more than that. Unlike many fat burners, the creators have really thought outside the box and taken it one step further. By adding in mood boosters to combat depressive feelings, it can help you feel more motivated to stay active, subsequently leading to even more weight loss. The high dosage of glucomannan gives Instant Knockout the other edge. A fierce appetite controller, you can help banish those frustrating cravings for sugary and fatty foods, meaning you cut down on calories and ultimately lose weight.

An impressive K.O.

Congratulations Instant Knockout CUT – fat burning champion of 2021!

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