Founded through a life long love of fitness, martial arts and strength training – our aim is to debunk the myths around so called fitness supplements and share our knowledge and personal experiences using them.  We are here to tell you that there is no such thing as a cheat tablet/magic pill/super powder. The real truth is – there is no way to cut corners when shaping your ideal body or reaching your specific fitness goals. It takes hard work, determination and a strict diet (diet is 80% – don’t be fooled)

That said – supplements can play an effective part in reaching your goals when used correctly as part of your fitness programme. We have used the products we have reviewed on this website and can vouch for their effectiveness when used within a strict fitness programme.

We hope you find the information on this website useful, we will be adding more products as we test and review them throughout the year. We have not reviewed hundreds of products like other websites as it takes time undertake a realistic longer term test. As you may understand, this means we only have a handful of products reviewed currently.

Lauren Fitzgerald

Lauren is a keen powerlifter and fitness writer, with experience writing for some of the biggest nutrition brands in the world.

She has a passion for all types of fitness and has taken part in everything from CrossFit to cycling, running to powerlifting in her career so far. Lauren’s all about staying as active as possible and has dipped her toe in a huge number of disciplines in her pursuit of a dynamic, healthy lifestyle.

Over the years, she’s taken part in CrossFit competitions, half marathons and powerlifting meets, to name just a few, honing her skill and perfecting her craft along the way.

Lauren has a special interest in nutrition and supplementation. She is an avid learner and has read countless studies, books and reports on the effects of nutrition on athletic performance.

In particular, she focuses on female physiology and is passionate about learning more about optimal nutrition and supplementation for women athletes.

Not only does she love broadening her expertise, Lauren puts this knowledge into practice in her own life. She knows what it takes to get fit and stay fit, and she uses that experience in everything she writes.

Brett Baker

Brett is a health and fitness content creator from the UK, with a dedication to optimizing performance. Outside of writing for a living, he’s also a level 3 personal trainer, qualified gym instructor, martial arts competitor, and coach. Brett’s also a firm believer in the power of supporting body goals with bulletproof nutrition, backed by supplements. You could say he’s walked the walk…

When not teaching, competing, or training in the gym, Brett is researching the latest industry insights and writing about them. He keeps his finger firmly on the pulse of fitness – including everything happening in the world of supplements. According to him, “the science doesn’t stop”, so why should he?

As a writer, Brett has written for some of the biggest fitness sites around. He specializes in helping people make their bodies better, faster, and stronger, by reporting on the latest training and supplement tips. For Brett, fitness isn’t just a weekend affair, it’s a full-blown lifestyle. He understands what it takes to achieve results first hand, as well as the things that help to get you there.

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